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Crisis Leadership: Planning for the Unthinkable

Crisis Leadership: Planning for the Unthinkable
Author: Ian Mitroff
ISBN 13: 9780471229186
ISBN 10: 471229180
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2003-04-24
Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
List Price: N/A


From product defects to environmental disasters—almost every day a new corporate crisis hits the headlines. In the majority of cases the results are disastrous: costly and time-consuming efforts to establish a positive public image can be wiped out in seconds. The inadequate, and often damaging, response of American business to such adversity proves that we don’t need better crisis management—we need crisis leadership.

Ian Mitroff offers a new proactive approach that focuses on doing everything humanly possible to prevent crisis before they happen, rather than merely putting the best possible spin on the aftermath. In easy-to-read, accessible language, Mitroff presents the critical, key lessons that will help managers lead the organization through a major crisis.


  • Focuses on the multitude of factors and forces that you need to consider to implement effective, proactive leadership.

  • Shows how various corporate functions—such as l egal, security, manufacturing, finance, and public affairs—work together to respond to crisis and minimize their occurrence and impact on the organization.

  • Offers a truly integrated and systematic approach based on a combination of models, including a comprehensive look at what happens before, during, and after a crisis.

  • Discusses the extreme importance of Emotional IQ in handling of, responding to, and preparing for any crisis.

  •  Reports on the latest findings from new national surveys.