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Design Fundamentals for the Digital Age

Design Fundamentals for the Digital Age
Author: Linda Holtzschue - Edward Noriega
ISBN 13: 9780471287865
ISBN 10: 471287865
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 1997-07-23
Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
List Price: $49.95

If you want to solve design problems with the computer, Design Fundamentals for the Digital Age gives you the tools. At a time when designers rely increasingly on computers, finally here is a resource that integrates design fundamentals with the latest digital technology. Two leading New York designers demonstrate how to unite the foundations of design with a knowledge of the computer and its platforms. No other book introduces the fundamentals of Computer Aided Design (CAD) within the context of the design process. But this book is much more than a technical guide—it treats the computer as an exciting design medium whose potential is just beginning to be tapped. Using plain English, Design Fundamentals for the Digital Age shows you how to:
* understand CAD and effectively apply it in your design projects;
* explore the computer as an artistic medium, working with space, color, surface, structure, light, motion, and other design elements; and
* integrate the computer into the design process in order to meet the demands of today's changing technology and job market.
With nearly 200 illustrations, this book includes an easy-to-use glossary of terms, a comprehensive bibliography, and a useful workbook with practical applications. It serves as a fundamental reference for graphic and interior design students, architects, fashion designers, product designers, and fine art professionals. This exciting guide helps students and professionals meet the changing requirements of the field, and is particularly relevant at a time when every designer is required to use the computer as an essential medium on the job. Design Fundamentals for the Digital Age provides realsolutions to design problems as computers transform the way we think and work.