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Thermodynamics of Materials: A Classical and Statistical Synthesis

Thermodynamics of Materials: A Classical and Statistical Synthesis
Author: John B. Hudson
ISBN 13: 9780471311430
ISBN 10: 47131143
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
Publication Date: 1996-01
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 365
List Price: $197.00

Thermodynamics of Materials A Classical and Statistical Synthesis

Designed as a reference resource for practicing professionals as well as a text for advanced students, Thermodynamics of Materials offers a lucid presentation that ties together classical and statistical treatments of thermodynamics within the framework of materials science. Unlike most books in the field, it emphasizes the natural connection between these two approaches, both as a way of obtaining useful information about real systems, and as a way of showing the relations between the molecular-level properties of systems, and their properties on a macroscopic scale. In this regard, the author's aim throughout the text is to introduce the rigorous, general relations that arise from classical thermodynamics, which are system independent, and then to use statistical thermodynamic relations to calculate the expected values of the macroscopic thermodynamic parameters of the systems.

Thermodynamics of Materials includes a review of classical thermodynamics, an introduction to statistical thermodynamics, and numerous practical problems in thermodynamics, especially those involving phase and chemical equilibrium. Handy appendices enhance the value of this outstanding text.