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From Brotherhood to Manhood: How Black Men Rescue Their Relationships and Dreams from the Invisibility Syndrome

From Brotherhood to Manhood: How Black Men Rescue Their Relationships and Dreams from the Invisibility Syndrome
Author: Anderson J. Franklin
ISBN 13: 9780471352945
ISBN 10: 471352942
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2002-10-25
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 304
List Price: $32.95

From Brotherhood to Manhood

"The white client stepped to the curb and effortlessly hailed a cab. Fifteen minutes later, Bill was still standing at the curbside with his hand up, while white men and women flowed around him to hail cabs of their own." The cumulative effect of all-too-familiar incidents like this one lead to what Dr. A. J. Franklin, a leading African American psychologist and psychotherapist, defines in this groundbreaking book as the Invisibility syndrome-the source of indignation, disillusionment, anger, depression, isolation, and substance abuse that stems from coping with lifelong racial tension.

Beginning in early childhood and continuing long into adulthood, the stereotypes are pervasive, wrong, and crushingly negative: that black men are angry, intimidating, and violent; that they are irresponsible, promiscuous, and undependable. Behind this wall of preconception and bias stand legions of African American men whose personalities, aspirations, and idiosyncrasies are not what many believe-they are invisible, not only to the white world, but often to their own communities, to their families, and even to themselves.

In From Brotherhood to Manhood, Dr. Franklin offers hope and healing for black men who long for the recognition, respect, inner peace, and integrity that every human being seeks. The first comprehensive analysis of black male psychology in nearly two decades, this powerful healing guide gives African American men the tools they need to identify and feel comfortable with who they are. It helps them learn to overcome both indirect and blatant slights; command respect without resorting to anger or violence; and find satisfaction at work, at home, and in every type of social encounter while pursuing their dreams. This book offers vision and direction for African American men to achieve the desired goals of manhood.

Whether you're an African American man struggling to overcome emotional frustration and find recognition, respect, and inner peace–or a woman trying to understand and support a loved one–this wise and deeply moving guidebook give you the strength, skill, and insight to succeed. From Brotherhood to Manhood is a landmark publication that also be an important resource for mental health professionals, social workers, educators, and anyone else who wants to develop a more complete understanding of African American men.