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System Analysis, Design, and Development: Concepts, Principles, and Practices

System Analysis, Design, and Development: Concepts, Principles, and Practices
Author: Charles S. Wasson
ISBN 13: 9780471393337
ISBN 10: 471393339
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
Publication Date: 2005-12-23
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 832
List Price: $191.00

Learn to develop systems that meet customer needs and organizational objectives

Successful system development requires formulation and implementation of a sound technical strategy that accurately translates the user's operational needs into a physical solution to comply with their specifications and contract requirements. System Analysis, Design, and Development presents a comprehensive, step-by-step approach for organizing, analyzing, designing, developing, verifying, and validating systems, products, and services.

Using a problem-solving/solution development framework and associated methodologies, the text presents concepts, principles, and practices that can be applied to small, medium, and large organizations in business sectors such as medicine, transportation, construction, finance, education, government, aerospace and defense, and utilities. Equipped with this knowledge, developers are better prepared to minimize the pitfalls of shortcut approaches that attempt a quantum leap to a single-point solution, which more often leads to technical, cost, and schedule performance problems.

The text consists of topic-based chapters organized in two parts—Part 1: System Analysis Concepts and Part 2: System Design and Development Practices. Each chapter presents concepts, principles, practices, and over 200 examples that enable readers to learn how to translate a user's operational need(s) into a practical, cost-effective, acceptable-risk design solution that can be verified against a performance specification and validated as satisfying the user's operational need. Topical series discussions, which address various facets of system analysis and engineering, include:

  • System Entity Concepts
  • System Specification
  • System Architecture Concepts
  • System Design
  • System Mission Concepts
  • Decision Support
  • System Operations Concepts
  • System Verification and Validation (V&V)
  • System Capability Concepts
  • System Operations and Support (O&S)
  • System Development Workflow Strategies

Chapter-based learning objectives are integrated with challenging exercises to test readers' comprehension and allow them to follow through the analysis, design, and development workflow of a real-world system, product, or service from technical and enterprise perspectives. An excellent undergraduate or graduate-level textbook in systems analysis engineering, this book is written for new and experienced users as well as developers, and it fills a void in current engineering education of system analysis, design, and development methods. As a result, readers and students are better prepared to enter an organization's work environment, understand how to perform their assigned task within the system/product development life cycle framework, and contribute to successful achievement of organizational and programmatic performance objectives.