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Introduction to Engineering: Modeling and Problem Solving

Introduction to Engineering: Modeling and Problem Solving
Author: Jay Brockman
ISBN 13: 9780471431602
ISBN 10: 471431605
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2008-04-29
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 620
List Price: N/A

engineering: from the Latin ingenium, refers to one’s native genius, one’s ability to create things.

Engineering is as diverse as societies needs.   In Introduction to Engineering, Jay Brockman helps you acquire the engineering mindset, showing you how engineers apply science and technology to solve problems facing society, and providing you with the core knowledge and skills that all engineers need to succeed.

Whether you go on to work at construction sites or farms, on off-shore oil platforms, or in space, the main business of engineering is to apply technology in concert with natural phenomena to develop the things we need or want—all designed and built with a purpose.

Brockman uses the basic concepts of math and science—algebra, geometry, some trigonometry, and the basic laws of physics—in the context of solving these engineering problems. Through clear explanations and real-world problems—like how to provide water for rural communities in developing nations—the book provides a foundation for those things that all engineers have in common.

The book is organized in three parts:

  • Part I: The Engineering Mindset, focuses on how we represent and solve engineering problems;

  • Part II: Model-Based Design, which teaches you how to use models to collect and analyze information and make technical decisions;

  • Part III: Engineering Problem-Solving with MATLAB, which utilizes this critical tool for modeling. Each of the chapters in this part corresponds to an earlier chapter using MATLAB to implement programs for examples from that chapter.

Clear, methodical, and uniquely focused on real-world engineering practice, Introduction to Engineering; is a solid course that will quickly acquaint you with engineering concepts, build your problem-solving skills, and prepare you to meet the challenges of designing systems as a professional engineer in any field.