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Culture of Animal Cells: A Manual of Basic Technique

Culture of Animal Cells: A Manual of Basic Technique
Author: R. Ian Freshney
ISBN 13: 9780471453291
ISBN 10: 471453293
Edition: 5
Publisher: Wiley-Liss
Publication Date: 2005-07-29
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 696
List Price: $129.95

The most complete resource on the techniques, equipment,principles, and practices of animal cell culture

Since publication of the previous edition of this benchmark text, numerous groundbreaking advances have occurred in stem cell research, cloning, tissue engineering, and in vitro toxicity testing. These and other developments have been incorporated into this fully revised and expanded Fifth Edition of Culture of Animal Cells. In addition, to answer the needs of the exponential increase in newcomers to cell culture, particularly in the biopharmaceutical industry, a completely new chapter on training in cell culture technology has been introduced.

The most complete resource on the techniques, equipment, principles, and practices of animal cell culture, this text offers a complete background related to growth of animal cells in culture. Beginning with laboratory design, safety, validation and bioethics, then continuing with preparation of media, primary culture and cell lines, through to characterization and authentication, contamination, specialized techniques, and troubleshooting, the coverage includes:

  • An all-new section of training exercises, separated into basic, intermediate, and advanced procedures, cross-referenced to the relevant protocols
  • New coverage of stem cells, bioethics, validation, cloning, cell signaling, in vitro toxicity testing, and tissue engineering
  • An expanded full-color atlas section, with images of primary culture, cell lines, subculture, differentiation, cancer cells and transformation, three-dimensional culture, contamination, and specialized equipment
  • Enhanced treatment of troubleshooting, with full cross-referencing to the relevant protocols and sections of text
  • Fully updated references
  • The clearest, most consistent presentation of step-by-step protocols available
  • Numerous diagrams, photographs, tables, and charts
  • Detailed and up-to-date information on reagent preparation and sourcing of materials and equipment, including a fully updated list of suppliers and other resources with Web sites

Indispensable for clinical and biopharmaceutical researchers and scientists, students, trainees, and technicians, this landmark text presents the most accessible and comprehensive introduction available to the culture and experimental manipulation of animal cells.

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Reviewer:Alvin Telser, PhD(Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine)
Description:This is a book on the techniques, equipment, practices, and principles needed to place animal cells into tissue culture. This volume is in its fourth edition.
Purpose:The book is intended to provide a complete technical guide to the growth of animal cells in tissue culture. Like other high quality techniques books, these are worthy objectives and are met admirably.
Audience:According to the author, this book is written for persons with no previous experience with these techniques. It is extremely well written for such an audience. The author is a very well recognized expert in the field.
Features:The full range of information pertinent to the growth of animal cells in tissue culture is covered such as lab layout, necessary equipment, water quality, selection of media and growth chambers, steps starting with whole animal material, observing and staining cultured cells, common contaminants, and more. It is well illustrated. The black-and-white diagrams are very well done and helpful; many of the black-and-white photographs are also very good, but some are of moderate quality, especially many photomicrographs of cells. The newly included center section of color photos is likely to be of marginal value--partly due to low quality original material and partly due to poor quality reproduction.
Assessment:This will be a very helpful reference in any lab actively using tissue culture. It would also be a very useful reference volume in any life science library. The techniques used in tissue culture, like most fields in modern biology, changes fairly frequently, making a new edition every few years important. This book is well worth its cost.