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RealTime Physics, Active Learning Laboratories Module 3: Electric Circuits

RealTime Physics, Active Learning Laboratories Module 3: Electric Circuits
Author: David Sokoloff - Priscilla W. Laws - Robert Thornt
ISBN 13: 9780471487722
ISBN 10: 471487724
Edition: 2
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2004-02-27
Format: Paperback
Pages: 180
List Price: N/A


RealTime Physics is a series of introductory laboratory modules that use computer data acquisition tools (microcomputer-based lab or MBL tools) to help students develop important physics concepts while acquiring vital laboratory skills. Besides data acquisition, computers are used for basic mathematical modeling, data analysis, and some simulation.

With RealTime Physics the structure of the introductory course and the traditional amount of time allotted to labs remains the same, but your students learn in a more active, computer-based learning environment. There are four RealTime Physics modules, Module 1: Mechanics, Module 2: Heat and Thermodynamics, Module 3: Electric Circuits, and Module 4: Light and Optics.

RealTime Physics:

  • Offers experiments in mechanics, thermodynamics, electric circuits, and optics.

  • Provides activities that invite you to construct physical models based on observations from real experiments.

  • Uses a learning cycle of prediction, observation, and comparison based on physics education research.

  • Includes pre-lab preparation sheets and homework designed to reinforce critical concepts and skills.

  • Is compatible with most computer data acquisition hardware and software.

RealTime Physics is a component of the Physics Suite. The Physics Suite is a collection of materials created by a group of curriculum developers and educational reformers known as the Activity Based Physics Group. The Physics Suite contains a broad array of curricular materials that are based on physics education research.

The Physics Suite also includes: Understanding Physics, an introductory textbook based on the best-selling Halliday/Resnick/Walker, Workshop Physics Activity Guide and Physics by Inquiry (intended for use in a workshop setting), Interactive Lecture Demonstrations and Activity Based Tutorials (designed primarily for use in recitations), and Teaching Physics with the Physics Suite, which serves as an instructor’s manual for using the Suite materials.