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Nonprofit Financial Planning Made Easy

Nonprofit Financial Planning Made Easy
Author: Jody Blazek
ISBN 13: 9780471715276
ISBN 10: 471715271
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2008-03-03
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 256
List Price: $49.00

Nonprofit Financial Planning Made Easy

"Financial planning for nonprofits, like a nonprofit's very purpose for existence, is based upon the philosophical aspirations of persons joining together to accomplish mutual goals. The very purpose for existence of a nonprofit is based on hope, sometimes on prayer, and almost always on dreams...The challenge is to stretch and balance precious resources to best accomplish the dream. Together, the two functions—performing the mission and providing the requisite resources—work in tandem to sustain the nonprofit's existence."

—From Chapter 1 of Nonprofit Financial Planning Made Easy

Are charities wisely using resources to fulfill their missions? Or, are they more concerned about the end of this year, at the future's expense? Good financial planning has always been essential for nonprofits, and nonprofit managers are beginning to realize just how essential, as they face intense competition for a shrinking fund base.

Nonprofit Financial Planning Made Easy presents straightforward strategies to make financial management a more smooth and successful process. Including a glossary of tax and financial terms unique to nonprofits, this book explores:

  • The process of preparing and monitoring budgets
  • How to monitor cash flow to maximize the yield on cash and other invest-ment assets
  • Financial records and the decisions an organization makes in establishing its accounting systems
  • Ratio analysis techniques useful in pinpointing weaknesses and identifying hidden trends
  • The criteria for, and the means ofobtaining and retaining, special tax treatment

Filled with practical forms and checklists to aid nonprofit managers in planning and managing their organizations' financial resources, Nonprofit Financial Planning Made Easy equips nonprofits with step-by-step solutions to the dilemmas involved in keeping financial resources and the mission in balance.