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Selling Your IT Business: Valuation, Finding the Right Buyer, and Negotiating the Deal

Selling Your IT Business: Valuation, Finding the Right Buyer, and Negotiating the Deal
Author: Robert J. Chalfin
ISBN 13: 9780471740766
ISBN 10: 471740764
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2006-01-20
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 239
List Price: $75.00

You put your heart into it. What will you get out of it? And how?

Selling Your IT Business gives a complete overview of the selling process, covering everything from valuation to finding the right buyer to negotiating strategically to closing the sale. The information is presented step-by-step, complete with sample forms, checklists, and agreements. Because it focuses exclusively on IT businesses, this guide provides in-depth information about issues unique to them. It covers:

  • Characteristics of an IT business that entice buyers, such as a strong management team; reasonably predictable financial performance; sought-after offerings; strong relationships with customers, lenders, and suppliers; a diversified customer base; and more

  • The different types of buyers and what motivates them

  • Financial metrics to monitor and improve IT business performance

  • Creating a selling memorandum that paints a complete picture of the business, covering products and services, customers, competitors, financial information, and more

  • Preparation of the business plan, including detailed descriptions of its components

  • Valuation, including the key factors in determining the value of a business

  • The letter of intent, the due diligence process, the contract, utilizing attorneys and CPAs, and more

  • The seller's future role in the business (if any) and compensation

Invaluable to IT business owners interested in selling their businesses and to their accountants, lawyers, and advisors, the book also includes advice and information useful for entrepreneurs striving to build their businesses,covering topics such as attracting and retaining good employees, non-compete agreements, and more. It helps IT business sellers and buyers understand the process, know what to look for, avoid common pitfalls, and seal a deal that benefits both parties.