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Psychology in Action

Psychology in Action
Author: Karen Huffman
ISBN 13: 9780471747246
ISBN 10: 471747246
Edition: 8
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2005-12-27
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 752
List Price: N/A

Covering all the major concepts and theories while still presenting the exciting and practical applications of psychology is a challenge. In order to meet this challenge, Huffman presents a fully integrated package that sets the stage for a perfectly choreographed learning experience. It includes a pedagogical system that makes psychology easier to learn. Readers will also find a robust suite of multimedia learning resources, including animations, interactive exercises, simulations and virtual experiments, and brief video clips. Psychologists can use the ninth edition as a reference for the theories and concepts.

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Reviewer:Nicholas Greco IV, MS, BCETS, CATSM(Abbott Laboratories)
Description:This is the ninth edition of a popular introductory textbook in psychology. This edition brings with it new research, greater emphasis on real-world applications of psychology, APA-linked learning objectives, and gender and cultural diversity examples.
Purpose:As the field of psychology evolves, so must the textbooks that we use to teach the next generation of psychologists and mental health providers. Typically, most college-level texts are revised and updated every 3 to 4 years to keep up with the changing literature and advances in the field. The author of this textbook has a strong appreciation and understanding of psychology. She is a tremendous educator and writer, which is consistently demonstrated in this latest edition.
Audience:As a college-level textbook, it is targeted at college-age students enrolled in introductory psychology. Instructors will find the book easy to use and the presentation of the material straightforward with real-world examples to aid in teaching. The author, a long-time educator and prolific writer, provides a solid foundation for students with this updated edition.
Features:The first 16 chapters cover the major areas of focus in introductory psychology. Two additional chapters (17 and 18) are available upon request and cover industrial/organizational psychology and psychology at work in the global economy. Among the many new features is Psychology at Work, which introduces students to how psychology affects their everyday lives and promotes careers in psychology. The APA-linked learning objectives outline the 10 major areas the APA has determined as learning outcomes in introductory psychology. This edition includes new sections on gender and cultural diversity along with critical thinking/active learning exercises. As with many introductory psychology texts, the discussion of psychopharmacological treatments in chapter 15 could be stronger; however, this is much improved from the eighth edition.
Assessment:This is an excellent textbook for introductory psychology.