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Ethics and Law for School Psychologists

Ethics and Law for School Psychologists
Author: Susan Jacob - Timothy S. Hartshorne
ISBN 13: 9780471757702
ISBN 10: 471757705
Edition: 5
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2006-10-20
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 432
List Price: N/A

The revised classic on the professional and legal standards of school psychology

This completely updated edition of the leading ethics and law guide provides authoritative, timely information on professional standards and legal requirements for the delivery of school psychological services. Ethics and Law for School Psychologists, Fifth Edition covers a host of ethical and legal issues that are unique to the field, including students' and parents' right to privacy and informed consent; provision of culturally sensitive services to a diverse clientele; and much more.

Offering a wealth of new information, this revision includes important information related to the passage of the IDEA Improvement Act of 2004, which profoundly affects the delivery of services and expands coverage of the No Child Left Behind Act. The new edition also reflects changes in the American Psychological Association's Principles of Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct.

Ethics and Law for School Psychologists, Fifth Edition:

  • Incorporates new material on HIPAA, FERPA, and other legislation relevant to school psychology

  • Provides updates on relevant case law

  • Includes the latest research and professional literature related to ethics and law in school psychology

  • Includes new Web-based resources and relevant Web sites

  • Features numerous instructive case vignettes, end-of-chapter questions, and topics for discussion

Revised to address the daily needs of school psychologists, educators, school administrators, and other associated professionals, Ethics and Law for School Psychologists, Fifth Edition is a key resource for understanding and delivering ethically and legally sound services within a school setting, and understanding the implications and administration of legislation relevant to the field.

New Challenges and Practice Guidelines Report

Jacob and Hartshorne have translated ethical-legal standards in both school psychology and special education into problem-resolution guidelines relevant to providing psychological services in school settings. This textbook is considered to be exceptionally valuable for both school psychology students . . . and school psychologist practitioners.