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Colonizing Sex: Sexology and Social Control in Modern Japan (Colonialisms)

Colonizing Sex: Sexology and Social Control in Modern Japan (Colonialisms)
Author: Sabine Fruhstuck
ISBN 13: 9780520235489
ISBN 10: 520235487
Edition: y First printing
Publisher: University of California Press
Publication Date: 2003-10-07
Format: Paperback
Pages: 277
List Price: $34.95

"Anyone interested in the history of western sexuality will want to read this book because of how it refracts the huge project of sexology through the eyes of another people, the Japanese, who appropriated it as part of their own project of modernization. And anyone interested in Japan will find Frühstück 's story fascinating for what it shows about the role of the professions, the place of education, and the work of politics more generally. This is a funny, brilliant book that carries its theoretical sophistication and great erudition lightly."—Thomas Laqueur, author of Solitary Sex: A Cultural History of Masturbation

"Sabine Frühstück has written a cogent history of Japanese public health, sex education, and sexology. Spanning the late nineteenth century to the present, her lively study introduces a colorful array of birth control activists, eugenicists, and sexologists."—Helen Hardacre, author of Marketing the Menacing Fetus in Japan

"Frühstück's study of modern Japan imaginatively uses the concept of colonization to explain how Japanese elites made use of Western ideas of hygiene to modernize the nation. By controlling procreation, venereal disease, sex education, and racial health, they reinforced the traditional gender order and helped provide the human materials for the great era of Japanese Imperial expansion."—Robert A. Nye, author of Masculinity and Male Codes of Honor in Modern France