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Creative Spirituality: The Way of the Artist

Creative Spirituality: The Way of the Artist
Author: Robert Wuthnow
ISBN 13: 9780520239166
ISBN 10: 520239164
Edition: N/A
Publisher: University of California Press
Publication Date: 2003-07-07
Format: Paperback
Pages: 319
List Price: $31.95

"Creative Spirituality is a fascinating, brilliant, and suggestive book, to be read and appreciated both for its spiritual insights and for the author's astute observations on artistic creativity and spiritual practice. Robert Wuthnow explores the intimate engagements of art and spirituality in their common quests for meaning. This volume represents a substantial contribution to the growing literature on art and religion in the United States and an intelligent appeal to the artist and the truth-seeker in each of us."—Sally M. Promey is author of Painting Religion in Public and coauthor of The Visual Culture of American Religions

"Wuthnow's careful listening to the voices of working artists speaking of their work, and his analysis of the rich variety of their experiences, show the universally human, transforming power of creativity. Creative practice reveals itself here as a primary spiritual practice. While some of these artists follow a traditional religious path and make fascinating connections between their working experience and their religious faith others speak directly of spirituality as a discovering of the power of Spirit. Whether religious or not, their voices are witness to the holy power of human creativity and to the mystery in which it leads."—Reverend Donald Schell, St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church, San Francisco

"Robert Wuthnow has written a brilliant, insightful exploration of how contemporary artists struggle to express their deepest spiritual yearnings. At a time when the notion of spirituality seems inchoate, artists, writers and musicians can often eloquently articulate the mysterious otherness of our lives. Especially powerful are the personal testimonials which reveal the empowerment of transcendence over alienation and disbelief."—Marci Whitney-Schenck, Publisher and Editor, Christianity and the Arts

"Here one finds wonderful stories about artists and of the creative spirituality arising out of their work. Wuthnow goes beyond telling us simply that these are people living at the edges of our culture, suggesting that they are spiritual models for our time—people who cultivate spiritual depth through sustained practice, or doing something that is fresh, expressive, and worthwhile. The book addresses the serious, many-sided aspects of their search—indeed, of our search—for 'moments of transcendence' today."—Wade Clark Roof, J. F. Rowny Professor of Religion and Society, University of California at Santa Barbara and author of Spiritual Marketplace

New Orleans Times-Picayune

A fascinating survey of different kinds of American artists-writers, sculptors, musicians, dancers-and the ways in which spirituality has informed their lives and work.