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An Intimate Affair: Women, Lingerie, and Sexuality

An Intimate Affair: Women, Lingerie, and Sexuality
Author: Jill Fields
ISBN 13: 9780520252615
ISBN 10: 520252616
Edition: 1
Publisher: University of California Press
Publication Date: 2007-07-02
Format: Paperback
Pages: 392
List Price: $34.95

"Erudite, exhaustive, and engaging, Fields' wonderfully original study deftly navigates several current literatures: women's and gender history, the history of sexuality, cultural studies, and the burgeoning scholarship on consumer culture. Using fashion to gauge changing conceptualizations of femininity and the female body, Fields traces discursive production and the policing of boundaries without ever neglecting the material contexts of social and economic relations."—Regina Morantz-Sanchez, author of Conduct Unbecoming a Woman: Medicine on Trial in Turn-of-the-Century Brooklyn

"Theoretically sophisticated, methodologically innovative and just provocative, An
Intimate Affair
joins together the histories of production, consumption, representation, and fashion to claim the body as an arena upon which questions of pleasure and danger, power and authority, gender identities, racial purity and class access, became contested during the late nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century. After reading Fields, putting on or taking off lingerie will never again feel the same."—Eileen Boris, Hull Professor of Women's Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

"This is a delightful book on a surprisingly important—and one can legitimately say—revealing topic. The archival work is impressive, the analysis solid; we gain greater knowledge of women in consumer society and of ongoing controversies about sexuality from the results."—Peter N. Stearns, Provost, George Mason University

Intimate Affair
is a major contribution to the histories of fashion and of women. Wide-ranging in scope, this book demonstrates conclusively the importance of clothing in historical analysis and pushes the boundaries of cultural studies theory about the body to encompass the most intimate body covering. Fields illustrates how cultural studies and women's studies theory, the investigation of material objects, and the history of laboring people and women can be brought together to produce a compelling narrative. Both academics and general readers will find this book fascinating, for it has major implications for how all of us regard our bodies."—Lois W. Banner, Professor of History and Gender Studies, University of Southern California, and author of American Beauty

"Jill Fields has produced a remarkable book that reveals the ways in which intimate apparel has shaped modern conceptions of glamour, femininity, beauty, and sexuality. She brilliantly traces the creation of lingerie from the workers who made it to the advertisers who glamorized it to the women who bought it."—Steven J. Ross, Professor of History, University of Southern California

The Washington Post - Susan Ware

This wide-ranging and literate book is not a coffee table history of lingerie. Instead, it treats intimate apparel, a term first used in the 1920s, as social and cultural history…An Intimate Affair offers a rich and nuanced understanding of how pieces of everyday clothing reflect the changing historical context of women's lives just as much as they shape the actual contours of women's bodies. Reaching into the top drawer for a piece of black lingerie will never be the same.