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Why I Am Not a Scientist: Anthropology and Modern Knowledge

Why I Am Not a Scientist: Anthropology and Modern Knowledge
Author: Jonathan Marks
ISBN 13: 9780520259607
ISBN 10: 520259602
Edition: N/A
Publisher: University of California Press
Publication Date: 2009-06-23
Format: Paperback
Pages: 344
List Price: $34.95

"Highly readable and informative, this critical series of vignettes illustrates a long history of the corruption of science by folk beliefs, careerism, and sociopolitical agendas. Marks repeatedly brings home the message that we should challenge scientists, especially molecular geneticists, before we accept their results and give millions of dollars in public and private funds toward their enterprises."—Russell Tuttle, The University of Chicago

"Jonathan Marks has produced a personal and compelling story of how science works. His involvement in scientific endeavor in human biology and evolution over the past three decades and his keen sense of the workings of science make this book a must read for both scientists and lay readers.
In this sense, the lay reader will learn how scientists should and shouldn't think and some scientists who read this book will come away thinking they are truly not scientists nor would they want to be."—Rob DeSalle, American Museum of Natural History

"Jonathan Marks's Why I Am Not a Scientist provides food for thought, and as expected, it's digestible.
In unusually broad perspective, this anthropology of knowledge considers science and race and racism, gender, fraud, misconduct and creationism in a way that makes one proud to be called a scientist."—George J. Armelagos, Emory University