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A History of the Holocaust (Single Title Social Studies)

A History of the Holocaust (Single Title Social Studies)
Author: Yehuda Bauer - Nili Keren
ISBN 13: 9780531155769
ISBN 10: 531155765
Edition: Revised
Publisher: Franklin Watts
Publication Date: 2002-09
Format: Paperback
Pages: 432
List Price: $17.95

Eminent scholar Yehuda Bauer traces the Holocaust to its deepest roots by examining the history of the Jews' interaction with other cultures throughout history, a detailed portrait of the Jewish presence in Eastern Europe in the early 20th century, and an exhaustive depiction of the events before and during World War II. Professor Bauer's text is considered a masterly and authoritative work.

The revised edition contains new all new art--maps, charts, tables, graphs. All art elements and text contain updated, more accurate statistics. The book has a new design, bigger trim. It's easier to read and navigate. Lastly, there are two 8-page (16 pp. total) inserts of black-and-white photographs. This photographic element wasn't included in the first edition.


The original 1982 edition of this reference work was hailed as the second indispensable English title on the Holocaust, following Lucy Dawidowicz's classic The War Against the Jews, 1933-1945 (Holt, 1975). Since then, the literature of the Holocaust has grown enormously. This revision fully incorporates the substantial Holocaust scholarship of the past two decades. Bauer is one of the world's most respected Holocaust scholars and the author of several other important books on the subject, most recently Rethinking the Holocaust (Yale, 2001). The contents are presented attractively, with generous margins, numerous maps and charts, and a few well-chosen black-and-white photos. With an excellent index and many chapter subsections on topics such as "Christianity and the Nazis" and "Holocaust and Genocide: Is There a Difference?" this extensive history text can be approached in manageable portions or used for ready reference. Bauer's handling of the painful and often controversial subject matter is scholarly and judicious, but with a finely controlled sense of righteous indignation at the inhumanities he records. As the textbook for a Holocaust course, it is best suited to the college undergraduate level. Bauer's extensive accounts of Central European social history and of the geopolitical maneuvering of various factions before and during World War II venture well beyond the normal scope of high school curricula. Nevertheless the book is recommended strongly as a supplementary or reference text in secondary school classrooms and libraries. Like his text, Bauer's selective bibliography is calibrated to an undergraduate or general adult readership level. For Holocaust resources suitable foryounger readers, look to Elaine C. Stephens's Learning About the Holocaust (Shoe String, 1995); Edward T. Sullivan's The Holocaust in Literature for Youth (Scarecrow, 1999/VOYA February 2000); and William L. Shulman's Resource Guide, part of the eight volume Holocaust series (Blackbirch, 1998). Index. Illus. Photos. Maps. Charts. Biblio. Source Notes. Appendix. 2001, Franklin Watts, 432p. PLB Hogan