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Learning Success: Being Your Best at College and Life, Media Edition (with InfoTrac)

Learning Success: Being Your Best at College and Life, Media Edition (with InfoTrac)
Author: Carl M. Wahlstrom - Brian K. Williams
ISBN 13: 9780534573140
ISBN 10: 534573142
Edition: 3
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing
Publication Date: 2001-06-04
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
List Price: $111.95

The authors have written the book not only for traditional on-campus students but also for the growing number of part-timers, parents, working students, commuters, and other nontraditional students. The book provides a practical philosophy based on action. The book's goal is to help students be the best in college by showing students how to master the academic and personal skills needed to succeed in higher education—how to manage their time, improve their reading and note-taking skills, handle finances, work toward their career goals, and so on. It is also shows students that the skills one needs for success in college are the same skills one needs for success in life. The Third Edition is enhanced by an interactive CD-ROM (packaged with every text) that reinforces and extends the texts content. In a unique fashion, this book describes the three keys to success in college and life: staying power, mindfulness, and technology literacy. Persistence, commitment, and discipline are necessary for achievement-in college and out. Becoming a mindful learner and thinker leads to greater success. Achieving information literacy means learning how to find, evaluate, and use information of all kinds.