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Elliot's Park #1: Saving Mr Nibbles

Elliot's Park #1: Saving Mr Nibbles
Author: Patrick Carman
ISBN 13: 9780545019415
ISBN 10: 545019419
Edition: Reprint
Publisher: Orchard Books
Publication Date: 2009-01-01
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 80
List Price: $4.99

Mister Nibbles has been captured and taken to the yellow house across the street from Elliot's park! Squirrels aren't meant to live indoors (not even stuffed ones like Mister Nibbles), so Elliot and his friends come up with a plan to rescue their new friend. It's going to take a lot of teamwork. Can Elliot, Crash, Chip, and Twitch save Mister Nibbles before it's too late?

Meet Elliot and all his friends!

Elliot is a very smart squirrel who loves to solve any problem he finds.

His best friend Chip is a hilarious klutz. He's gotten into some interesting scrapes and trouble, including a celebrated encounter with the monkey bars in which one of his two abnormally large front teeth was broken.

Crash is the only flying squirrel in the park. She's just visiting from England, but it doesn't look like she's leaving any time soon!

Then there's Twitch, Elliot's sister. She's good at finding things, especially her favorite sugary drink -- soda pop.

Mister Nibbles is no ordinary squirrel! He's quiet and thoughtful and says the funniest things. What Elliot and his friends don't know is that Mister Nibbles is actually a stuffed squirrel.

Children's Literature

There is a birthday party in Elliot's park. One of the birthday presents is a squirrel named Mister Nibbles. Elliot and his squirrel friends plan a way to save Mister Nibbles. What they do not seem to know is that Mister Nibbles is a stuffed animal that talks when its ear is squeezed. Crash, the flying squirrel, follows Mister Nibbles as the boy takes the stuffed squirrel home. Rescuing Mister Nibbles is not an easy task for Elliot and his friends once they get inside the boy's house. There are illustrations of this squirrel rescue adventure. The endpapers provide an overview of Elliot's park. The cast of characters appear at the end of the story with brief descriptions and, in most cases, a picture of each squirrel character. There are a few activities in the back of the book. For example, one can make Elliot and Chip's Trail Mix with the recipe that is included, create their own adventure in Elliot's Park, or make a tree constellation. This story is the first of Elliot's adventures; there is a preview of Elliot's next adventure. Check out the website which provides a look of the actual park that inspired Elliot's Park. Reviewer: Carrie Hane Hung