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Chocolatina (with Stickers)

Chocolatina (with Stickers)
Author: Erik Kraft
ISBN 13: 9780545037655
ISBN 10: 545037654
Edition: Stk
Publisher: Cartwheel Books
Publication Date: 2008-01-01
Format: Paperback
Pages: 32
List Price: $5.99

"You are what you eat," Mrs. Ferdman reminds her students during every health class. But all Tina likes to eat is chocolate. One day she wishes Mrs. Ferdman's favorite saying were true, and the very next morning she wakes up as a girl made of chocolate!
Kids will laugh along with this scrumptious story and its delicious illustrations.

Children's Literature

Tina loves chocolate. She eats more than her share of it. When her mean teacher, Mrs. Ferdman, makes all the kids repeat "You are what you eat!," Tina (a.k.a. Chocolatina) responds, "I wish that were true." That very night, guess who turns into a chocolate girl, all stiff and prone to melty feet? The teacher attacks Chocolatina, trying to bite off her ear (is this cannibalism?). Justice prevails: the teacher's assault is prevented by the timely appearance of the school principal, and Mrs. Ferdman is banished from the school. Chocolatina is on the verge of character change. That evening at home, Tina wishes to be her old self and vows to give up chocolate. She gets back her old self, but really does not reform, as it turns out. However, the banished teacher does turn into chocolate. A sheet of scratch-and-sniff stickers in the front of the book are remarkably unsniffy, but the artwork is lively and funny (Denise Brunkus is the illustrator for the Junie B. Jones series) and fits nicely with Chocolate Touch and Chocolate Fever in the "excessive consumption" category. Reviewer: Gwynne Spencer