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Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring The Earth To Life

Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring The Earth To Life
Author: Molly Bang - Penny Chisholm
ISBN 13: 9780545044226
ISBN 10: 545044227
Edition: 3rd Printing
Publisher: The Blue Sky Press
Publication Date: 2009-02-01
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 40
List Price: $18.99

Living Sunlight shows children, teachers, and parents the remarkable magic of what makes us human.This informative yet dramatic book will mesmerize readers and help further a child's understanding of the energy we share with all living things in nature. We are all dancing sunlight. A perfect addition to any library!

Children's Literature

Life keeps circling round and round on the earth. This beautiful book explains photosynthesis in very simple, easy-to-understand terms. Penny Chisholm is an ecology professor at MIT. She carefully selected just the right text to set the tone of the story and build the importance of each life on earth. The book has a heartbeat of its own. It moves from the plants and animals that take in the sunlight and grow and make food to the child who then eats the plants and drinks in the sunlight and grows. The pulse of the heartbeat of the child is seen as the pulse of the world, and the warmth of the child as the warmth of the sun inside each and every person. Young children will be mesmerized by the detailed illustrations of the earth in all its glory. This is a perfect book for teaching many aspects of the science curriculum. It is a book that would appeal to the youngest learner or the college student. Outside of the classroom, this nonfiction picture book would be a delightful addition to any personal library. It is a selection you will reach for again and again. Reviewer: Kathy Leggett