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Beyond the Sea of Ice: The First Americans, Book 1

Beyond the Sea of Ice: The First Americans, Book 1
Author: William Sarabande
ISBN 13: 9780553268898
ISBN 10: 553268899
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Domain
Publication Date: 1987-11-01
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 384
List Price: $7.99

Stunningly visual, extraordinarily detailed, powerfully dramatic, here is the first volume of a remarkable new series . . .The First Americans.  When humans first walked the world, when nature ruled the earth and sky, a proud tribe is threatened by a series of natural disasters.  A bold young hunter named Torka, who lost his wife and child to a killer mammoth, leads the survivors over the glacial tundra on a desperate eastward odyssey to the save their clan.  Through attacks of savage animals and encounters with strangers not unlike themselves, they must brave the hardships of a foreign landscape and learn to live in an exotic new world of mystery and danger.  Toward the land where the sun rises they must travel.Beyond The Sea Of Ice,  toward a new day for their clan—and an awesome future for the American.

Library Journal

This audiobook, the first in a novel-based series called ``The First Americans,'' gives a fictional scenario of the migration of humans from Asia to the New World 30,000-40,000 years ago. Torka, a hunter, loses his band to a rampaging giant mammoth during a hard winter. His grandfather and a young girl are the only survivors. Together they travel east to find a new home. Along the way they break old taboos, tame a wild dog, produce children, invent the atlatl, and more. The story is trite and syrupy. Paul Ukena reads well but, curiously, makes all the bad guys sound Japanese. The musical interludes are irritating in their frequency. Purchase only where the book is popular.-Joanna M. Burkhardt, Univ. of Rhode Island Coll. of Continuing Education Lib., Providence