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Caring for Your School Age Child: Ages 5-12 (Child Care S)

Caring for Your School Age Child: Ages 5-12 (Child Care S)
Author: Edward L. Schor
ISBN 13: 9780553379921
ISBN 10: 553379925
Edition: Rev Sub
Publisher: Bantam
Publication Date: 1999-07-06
Format: Paperback
Pages: 656
List Price: $20.00

State-of-the-art advice for mothers, fathers, and caregivers from the American Academy of Pediatrics

You've outgrown the baby books—but your school-age child needs you more than ever.

No longer are the middle years of childhood considered a time of relative calm and smooth development. During the years from five to twelve, children must master the skills and habits that determine their future health and well-being—and parents have a crucial role to play. The American Academy of Pediatrics, the organization that represents the nation's finest pediatricians and the most advanced research and practice in the field of child health from infancy to young adulthood, presents this fully revised and updated guide for parents who want to help their children thrive during these exciting and challenging years.

Comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date, Caring for Your School-Age Child includes advice on:

Charting your child's physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth Dealing with the gender-specific issues facing boys and girls as they approach adolescence Recognizing your child's important emotional and social issues, including making friends, school behavior, sex education, self-esteem, and attention deficit disorder Maintaining discipline and authority while forging a respectful relationship with your child Handling divorce, stepfamilies, adoption, sibling rivalry, and dual-working-parent households Combating procrastination, laziness, aggressiveness or shyness, and bed-wetting Understanding your child's inborn temperament—and how it affects the child-parent relationship Treating childhood injuries and ailments—a comprehensive health guide And much more

Caring for Your School-Age Child is an essential childcare resource for all parents who want to provide the very best care for their children—and the one guide pediatricians routinely recommend and parents can safely trust.