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The Silver Rose

The Silver Rose
Author: Jane Feather
ISBN 13: 9780553575248
ISBN 10: 553575244
Edition: August
Publisher: Fanfare
Publication Date: 1997-07-01
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
List Price: $7.99

Dear Reader,
Like the rose in the haunting tale of "Beauty and the Beast," a silver rose on a charm bracelet brings together a beautiful young woman and a battle-scarred lord....

In my story, Ariel Ravenspeare has been taught to loathe the earl of Hawkesmoor and everything he represents.  Their two families have been sworn enemies for generations.  But it's one thing to hate him, and another to play the part her vicious brothers have written for her—trapping Hawkesmoor into a marriage that will destroy him, using herself as bait.  Forced into the marriage, Ariel will find her new husband unexpectedly difficult to manipulate, as well as surprisingly—and powerfully—attractive.

But beneath the passion lurk the strands of a long-hidden secret...a secret embodied in a sparkling silver rose.

I hope you will be as caught up in Ariel and Hawkesmoor's love story as I was.

Warmest wishes,

Jane Feather

Publishers Weekly

Another noble bride is to be grudgingly married off in this awkward addition to Feather's Charm Bracelet conceit (The Diamond Slipper). The Earls of Ravenspeare and Hawkesmoor have feuded for decades. Now Queen Anne's decreed that Ariel, sister of Ravenspeare, must wed Simon, Earl of Hawkesmoor, and end the vendetta amicably. Feather's writing style is spirited and her plot is paced well, but discriminating readers will question the heroine's anachronistic behavior for 1709she's set on achieving financial independence by breeding racehorses; and the hunky, battle-scarred hero has a thoroughly annoying habit of "gritting" on every other page because of his bride's inappropriate activities. "Gritting"? Whether archaic or transitive, either way, it's jarring. Mutually enjoyable sexual antics abound, butand this is odd for the genrelove enters the relationship very late, almost as an afterthought. (Aug.)