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The Truelove Bride

The Truelove Bride
Author: Shana Abe
ISBN 13: 9780553580549
ISBN 10: 55358054
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Bantam
Publication Date: 1999-06-01
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 368
List Price: $6.99

The curse will last one hundred full years....

A notoriously fierce soldier, Marcus Kincardine wears his clan's tartan as a symbol of his heritage—and a reminder of the curse that haunts his kin. To rid them of this evil, the legend says, Marcus must wed a fabled warrior maiden with hair like an angel's halo, eyes the color of the rarest heather, and an extraordinary gift that makes her more formidable than any army. But first he must win the most desperate battle of his life...the one for her mind, her body, and her heart.

Lady Avalon d'Farouche can't deny she bears the telltale marks of the Kincardine legend, nor can she disown the strange, mystical intuition that allows her to see things others cannot. Yet Avalon believes she alone holds the key to her destiny—a future in which no man will own her. So when Marcus Kincardine seizes her for his own purposes, she never expects him to ignite a fiery passion within her. Still, she refuses to sacrifice her soul and fulfill the legend by surrendering to desire. But how long can she deny him...and how long will he let her?

Likesbooks.com - Mary Lien

An ancient legend, passionate emotion, and wonderful detail make The Truelove Bride a memorable tale. The climactic ending slips a bit into the unlikely, but the sheer power of the romance between two magnetic personalities left me sighing with satisfaction as I finished the last page.

The magic in this book is the powerful writing. Avalon and Marcus are vividly portrayed in their strengths and virtues, as well as in their faults and emotional wounds. Physical details make the scenes come alive, and there is none of the supposedly romantic dribble so prevalent in romance novels, like repetitive referrals to incomparable eye-colors, or constant odes to physical perfection.

In addition, the back story is slipped in gradually and naturally, slowly illuminating the reasons both characters are what they are. The tension between them is exquisite, and keeps the story moving at a satisfying pace, while the outside threats to their happiness are real, and nurture a sinister foreboding that further adds to the drama.