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Old Indian Days

Old Indian Days
Author: Charles Eastman
ISBN 13: 9780554311517
ISBN 10: 554311518
Edition: N/A
Publisher: BiblioLife
Publication Date: 2008-08-18
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 148
List Price: $24.99

General Books publication date: 2009
Original publication date: 1907
Original Publisher: The McClure Company Description: Colored frontispiece and colored plates facing p. 32, 146 and 268.
Subjects: Dakota Indians

Indians of North America

North America Notes: This is a black and white OCR reprint of the original. It has no illustrations and there may be typos or missing text.
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Excerpt: Ill THE SINGING SPIRIT HO my steed, we must climb one more hill! My reputation depends upon my report ! " Anookasan addressed his pony as if he were a human companion, urged on like himself by human need and human ambition. And yet in his heart he had very little hope of sighting any buffalo in that region at just that time of the year. The Yankton Sioux were ordinarily the most far-sighted of their people in selecting a winter camp, but this year the late fall had caught them rather far east of the Missouri bottoms, their favorite camping-ground. The upper Jim River, called by the Sioux the River of Gray Woods, was usually bare of large game at that season. Their store of jerked buffalo meat did not hold out as they had hoped, and by March it became an urgent necessity to send out scouts for buffalo. The old men at the tiyo teepee (council lodge) held a long council. It was decided to select ten of their bravest and hardiest young men to explore the country within three days' journey of their camp. " Anookasan, uyeyo-o-o, woo, woo!" Thus the ten men were summoned to the council lodge early in the evening to receive their commission. Anookasan was the first called and first to cross the circle of the teepees. A young man of some thirty years, of the original native type, his massive form was wrapped in a fine buffalo robe with the hair inside. He wore a stately eagle feather in his scalp-lock, but no paint about h...