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A Hero of Our Own: The Story of Varian Fry

A Hero of Our Own: The Story of Varian Fry
Author: Sheila Isenberg
ISBN 13: 9780595348824
ISBN 10: 595348823
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Backinprint.com
Publication Date: 2005-05-25
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
List Price: $23.95

"Fry was the American Schindler...with desperate exiles, menacing Nazis, forged documents and midnight escapes...[think] Casablanca."

--New York Times

Varian Fry, the only American honored at Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust memorial, was a young New Yorker who rescued more than 1,500 Europeans from the Nazi's including Mar Chagall, Max Ernst, Hannah Arendt, and other intellectuals, political activists, and "degenerative" artists, many of them Jews. This moving Holocaust rescue story is set against the backdrop of American isolationism and anti-Semitism.

"The drama here is in the thrill of rescue, the realistic portrait of a complex leader, and the decidedly nonheroic truths about WWII at home."

--American Library Association

"One of the BEST BOOKS of 2001"

--St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Several months ago, a television production of "Varian`s War," based upon the subject matter of this book, was televised nationwide ... unfortunately, it was boring! This is one more time when you have to say: "Read the book!" ... [A Hero of Our Own] records one adventure after another ... From almost the moment that Varian Fry landed in Marseilles, in occupied Vichy, France, with basically no prior training or experience in emigration matters, he engineered the work of a dedicated staff that not only directly assisted the escape and emigration efforts of many survivors, but also documented the nefarious activities of Nazis and their sympathizers ... Some day soon, another Hollywood scriptwriter may prepare this story once more for a movie or theatrical presentation, but as I said, one can obtain quite a thrill by reading this book.