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The Clan

The Clan
Author: Sandra Pettigrew
ISBN 13: 9780595412143
ISBN 10: 595412149
Edition: N/A
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.
Publication Date: 2006-09-22
Format: Paperback
Pages: 250
List Price: $16.95

When we act on impulse we fail to consider the short or long term consequences of our actions. The Clan exposes some of the destructive and disruptive aftermath five siblings and their love ones experience as a result of responding to quickly to the demands of the human anatomy. Every family has its encounters with tragedy, turmoil and unsolicited drama. Some have these encounters more than others, which makes one wonder if it is fate or the result of our own insidious behavior?

The Jackson Family is certainly pondering this question as life comes at them fast. They are a reminder to those of us who have been the victims of affairs, unexpected deaths, abuse, career disappointments and rejection. They are a reminder that we are not alone in feeling the pain resulting from those experiences, although we may feel like we are in total isolation. It is a reminder to us that we have choices in any situation. The choice should be a simple one, but we create the quandary.