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XML in a Nutshell, Third Edition

XML in a Nutshell, Third Edition
Author: Elliotte Rusty Harold - W. Scott Means
ISBN 13: 9780596007645
ISBN 10: 596007647
Edition: 3
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Publication Date: 2004-09
Format: Paperback
Pages: 600
List Price: $44.99

If you're a developer working with XML, you know there's a lot to know about XML, and the XML space is evolving almost moment by moment. But you don't need to commit every XML syntax, API, or XSLT transformation to memory; you only need to know where to find it. And if it's a detail that has to do with XML or its companion standards, you'll find it--clear, concise, useful, and well-organized--in the updated third edition of "XML in a Nutshell,"

With "XML in a Nutshell" beside your keyboard, you'll be able to:

Quick-reference syntax rules and usage examples for the core XML technologies, including XML, DTDs, Xpath, XSLT, SAX, and DOM

Develop an understanding of well-formed XML, DTDs, namespaces, Unicode, and W3C XML Schema

Gain a working knowledge of key technologies used for narrative XML documents such as web pages, books, and articles technologies like XSLT, Xpath, Xlink, Xpointer, CSS, and XSL-FO

Build data-intensive XML applications

Understand the tools and APIs necessary to build data-intensive XML applications and process XML documents, including the event-based Simple API for XML (SAX2) and the tree-oriented Document Object Model (DOM)

This powerful new edition is the comprehensive XML reference. Serious users of XML will find coverage on just about everything they need, from fundamental syntax rules, to details of DTD and XML Schema creation, to XSLT transformations, to APIs used for processing XML documents. "XML in a Nutshell" also covers XML 1.1, as well as updates to SAX2 and DOM Level 3 coverage. If you need explanation of how a technology works, or just need to quickly find the precise syntax for a particular piece, "XML in a Nutshell" putstheinformation at your fingertips.

Simply put, "XML in a Nutshell" is the critical, must-have reference for any XML developer.