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The Life and Times of Corn

The Life and Times of Corn
Author: Charles Micucci
ISBN 13: 9780618507511
ISBN 10: 618507515
Edition: N/A
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: 2009-09-07
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 32
List Price: $16.99

  What grain has seeds in all colors of the rainbow, can grow twenty feet high, is often harvested by moonlight, and is more valuable to the United States than gold? 


As the New York times Book Review said, “Micucci knows how to grab his audience” and is “canny about organizing his material.” Building upon his successful series of creative science for the younger grades,  the author-illustrator of the LIFE AND TIMES series focuses on the science, uses and history of American’s most prevalent crop.  A master of fascinating trivia,  he knows just how to draw readers in and expand on a seemingly small topic.

Children's Literature

Fresh on the cob, canned, frozen, or creamed are just some of the ways corn is used for consumption, and there are more uses of corn that are less obvious. Read to discover the interesting facts about corn from a variety of perspectives. Some of the different views include a general history, the parts of the plant, types of corn, and usage of corn. Each chapter is presented in a two-page layout with colorful illustrations. One of the chapters provides some background about popcorn which includes a time line of popping corn from 2300 B.C. to 2000s and a diagram explaining how the kernel pops. Some readers may need a little guidance on how to navigate the print on the page such as the main text, headings, subheadings, labels, insets, captions, and time line; there are many kernels of fascinating corn facts. Those readers wishing to learn more about corn may find the sources listed helpful in their pursuit. This book is a part of the author's "Life and Times" series; earlier books cover information and facts about the peanut and the ant. Reviewer: Carrie Hane Hung