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Marriage at Midlife: Counseling Strategies and Analytical Tools

Marriage at Midlife: Counseling Strategies and Analytical Tools
Author: Dr. Vincent R. Waldron PhD - Dr. Douglas L. Kelley
ISBN 13: 9780826125620
ISBN 10: 82612562
Edition: 1
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Publication Date: 2009-03-16
Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
List Price: $80.00

"[This book] provides a perceptive, research based, and pragmatic approach to working with couples seeking reconnection after years of childrearing....Marriage at Midlife should take center stage on every counselor's bookshelf."

--Kathleen M. Galvin, PhD

Professor, Communication Studies,

Northwestern University

The middle period of married life-what the authors call the "centerstage"-is often the "make or break" point in a lifelong relationship. Marriage at Midlife provides counselors, mental health professionals, and marriage educators with the tools they need to assist couples who are experiencing the challenges of the post-childrearing years. The authors take a resilience-based approach to help couples preserve and improve long, satisfying relationships.

This book is enriched with the authors' experience with couples who have been married between 20 and 50 years. Each chapter contains an opening narrative about a real-life couple, a section identifying sources of distress, a section outlining the analytical tools needed for each challenge, and questions and exercises for clients. Throughout the book are bulleted lists with quick advice for couples on a range of topics, such as suggested shared activities or tips for managing stress.

Learn how to help couples:

  • Reinvent and deepen their marriage through improved communication
  • Forgive past transgressions and choose new, meaningful, shared activities
  • Adapt to midlife challenges, such as job loss, relocation, and returning to school
  • Handle the stress of illness and caregiving
  • Redefine relationships with "boomerang kids," adult children, and grandchildren

With this book, counselors will obtain both the skills and the insight needed to help couples reimagine their relationships at this pivotal stage in their lives.