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I Can See You Naked

I Can See You Naked
Author: Ron Hoff
ISBN 13: 9780836280005
ISBN 10: 836280008
Edition: Revised
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publication Date: 1992-06-01
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
List Price: $18.99

"I can see you naked" - visualizing audiences in the buff, as a counter to nervousness - has been taught by presentation experts for years. In this revised edition of "I Can See You Naked" - a delightful guide to presentations of all kinds - Ron Hoff begins by dismissing the technique. "Never talk to a naked audience," is his advice. It's too distracting. "I Can See You Naked" is the first book on making presentations that doesn't read like a textbook. The first book to sound like a presentation, look like a presentation, and "play" like a presentation. It is, in fact, a funny, irreverent, entertaining, and highly effective presentation on presentations. And it is a publishing success story - the first edition went back to press seven times and sold well over 100,000 copies. It has been a selection of sixteen book clubs. After four years of success, "I Can See You Naked" is now even better. This fearless new edition of the national bestseller on making great presentations has been extensively revised by author Ron Hoff, making it 25 percent larger than the first edition. It features 16 emphatic new chapters, new illustrations by Barrie Maguire, new photographs, new sidebars and panels, new nuggets to treasure, and scores of ideas ready for use in your next presentation. Why a revised edition? Because a lot has happened to presentations in four years. New to this edition are dynamic new chapters including "The Deadly Game" - how to win competitive presentations; Stand or sit? What's a presenter to do?; "How do you create excitement if you're not Madonna, Prince, or Zig Ziglar?"; "Great props don't have to be proper"; How to make a speech in a strange hotel; Questions that often float through the minds of audiences; Ten points to pin to the wall before your next one-on-one and a guide to "relationships" - the hot, new word in making presentations. Packed with insightful case studies, and personal anecdotes, "I Can See You Naked" clearly and succinctly addresses a