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Inner City Kids: Adolescents Confront Life and Violence in an Urban Community (Qualitative Studies in Psychology)

Urban teens of color are often portrayed as welfare mothers, drop outs, drug addicts, and both victims and perpetrators of the many kinds of violence... which can characterize life in urban areas. Although urban youth often live in contexts which include poverty, unemployment, and discrimination, they also live with the everydayness of school, friends, sex, television, music, and other elements of teenage lives. Inner City Kids explores how a group of African American, Jamaican, Puerto Rican, and Haitian adolescents make meaning of and respond to living in an inner-city community. The book focuses on areas of particular concern to the youth, such as violence, educational opportunities, and a decaying and demoralizing urban environment characterized by trash, pollution, and abandoned houses. McIntyre's work with these teens draws upon participatory action research, which seeks to codevelop programs with study participants rather than for them.

Toward a Prophetic Youth Ministry: Theory and Praxis in Urban Context

Youth ministries in an urban context are too often left to their own devices. The resources available to them are overwhelmingly conceived, tested and... produced exclusively in the suburbs, and bring little to bear on the realities of urban youth culture. As a consequence, youth ministries in large cities have tended to settle onto one of three paths--a traditional paradigm that jealously guards the spiritual formation of its young people, a liberal paradigm that concentrates exclusively on personal growth, and an activist paradigm that galvanizes youth around the social concerns surrounding them. While each of these emphases is important, too often they are pursued to the neglect of the others, and the urban church suffers. Fernando Arzola Jr. proposes a fourth way, a prophetic paradigm that integrates the three and cultivates young people who are spiritually rooted, emotionally mature and responsive to the needs of their community. In this pace-setting book he draws on various disciplines--from biology to sociology, from psychology to theology--to guide urban youth workers into an effective and transformational ministry to youth.

A Critical Approach to Youth Culture: Its Influence and Implications for Ministry (YS Academic)

''Youth culture is changing so fast, I can't keep up with it anymore. I used to know all the songs, but now...' 'Life for today's teen is nothing like... it was when I was in high school---and I'm only 20.' 'Young people live in a totally different world from the one I know.' These statements came from college students preparing for careers in youth ministry---young people only a couple years beyond high school themselves. The reality is, youth culture and teenagers continue to change, but you can stay connected and relevant by understanding culture and its power to influence and shape teens. In Critical Approach to Youth Culture, you'll engage in a multiple-discipline approach to understanding culture by looking at the: * Nature of culture: what is it, how is it expressed? * Theology of culture: modern and post-modern theologies of culture * Ecology of culture: adolescent development in a cultural context * Ethnography of culture: gaining perspective and insight, and gathering data In this practical and concise book, you'll develop your own cohesive plan for evaluating cultural influences, preparing you for strategic ministry to teenagers that effectively addresses the youth cultural context.'

Experiential Youth Ministry Handbook: How Intentional Activity Can Make the Spiritual Stuff Stick (Youth Specialties)

'Great youth ministry doesn't happen by accident---and author John Losey knows it. In his book, Experiential Youth Ministry Handbook, Losey inspires us... to use a combination of theory, action, and reflection so our students can learn in dynamic, new ways. A large portion of this gimmick-free resource is devoted to practical exercises and templates youth workers can tailor to their own groups. Experiential Youth Ministry Handbook belongs in the library of every serious youth worker.' --Doug Fields, youth pastor for Saddleback Church: author of Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry and Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry Ever wish youth group fun and games could accomplish more than burning off students' high-octane energy? It can---if you have the right tools at your disposal. And your number-one tool is Experiential Youth Ministry Handbook. This innovative resource offers a ton of intentional activities with a purpose, specific program sequences, and adaptable templates for making games resonate with your students' minds and hearts. Plus, author John Losey unpacks why the right approaches to intentional activity will make the spiritual stuff stick---as well as how it can work for you. His suggestions and formats for everything from midweek meetings and small groups, full-day events, mission trips, retreats and camps, internships, games, and more will make a believer out of you. Whether you're a youth worker, camp counselor, small-group leader, or anyone charged with helping students connect with God, the Experiential Youth Ministry Handbook is your bridge to making active programming rewarding and faith building. 'Have known John for more than 20 years, it's been a privilege to watch him in action. And I'm thrilled that through his Experiential Youth Ministry Handbook many will benefit from his practical wisdom and insight that's touched the hearts of kids and adults through the years in very significant, meaningful ways. You will be pleased with this book's easy-to-use format and these creative, hands-on activities.' --Stan White, executive director, Alpine Camp and Conference Center, Blue Jay, California 'Youth ministry must be about 'learning the sticks'---shaping a life forever. In John Losey's book you'll find well-articulated theory, practical activities, and understanding that will improve your role in 'life shaping.' ' --Bob Kobielush, president, Christian Camping International/USA

Games for Change: Group Activities With Creative Spritual Concepts on the Side (Bk.3)

Games for Change contains activities designed to spark discussion, insight, and skill application. The authors broaden the scope of activities by... inserting optional spiritual insights, going deeper, and going wider sections that delve into the world s many religions. All the necessary components are incorporated activity objectives, essential props, specifications of group and space sizes required, clear directions, and suggested processing questions.

Yoruba-English/English-Yoruba Modern Practical Dictionary (Yoruba Edition)

One of the national languages of Nigeria and an important language of neighbouring Benin, Togo, and other western African nations, Yoruba is spoken by... over 20 million people worldwide. This dictionary offers invaluable resources to both Yoruba and English speakers, enabling them to handle the complex scientific and mathematical terminology of today. This bilingual dictionary is brimming with useful vocabulary and technical information including medical terms, the basic chemical elements, as well as plant and animal taxonomy. Examples are given in both languages along with some parts of speech to help clarify ambiguous meanings.

Introduction to Yoruba: Language, Culture, Literature & Religious Beliefs Part I (Pt. 1)

This book will help you to learn Yoruba quickly and easily. It is written in the proper Yoruba-Oyo by the author who was born and raised in Oyo Alaafin.... A famous international language instructor, Professor Abraham Ajibade Adeleke has been the coordinator and professor of African Studies for about a decade. He is also a professor of Psychology and anthropology at Albany State University, Albany, Georgia, U.S.A. Yoruba grammar is best taught when it is taught in the context of the Yoruba people. For this reason, the book has covered some Yoruba major culture and tradition such as the Yoruba naming system, greeting traditions, weddings and the Yoruba moral sciences that include proverbs, oral traditions, and the use of myths, fables and idiomatic expressions. There is also some focus on poetry. Ready-made vocabulary is provided right from the start. It utilizes everyday Yoruba conversational words and phrases that sometimes sound like their English, French and Spanish equivalents. Because of its comprehensiveness, this book is ideal for all classroom instructions and private teaching.

Timeless Youth Ministry: A Handbook for Successfully Reaching Today's Youth

Most adults feel uncomfortable in the teen subculture. From this uneasy position, adults like to 'handle' the teens like children because they are... threatening. The purpose of Timeless Youth Ministry is to help people in the church and Christian youth organizations minister to teenagers. As former youth pastors and current professors of youth ministry, the authors have 'been there, done that' in this field. They've run programs, camps and ministry trips in such diverse places as southern California, east Tennessee, northeast Ohio and Alberta, Canada,to name a few. This book is a needed resource to examine afresh what it means to be an adolescent in today's culture and how those who minister to young people can best reach them.

Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough: A Guide to Nine Biblical Fasts

Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough is a thought-provoking book on one of the least understood--but most powerful--disciplines of Christianity. Most... believers know about fasting, but few of us really understand the wonderful benefits that come when we fast with purpose and direction. Written in Dr. Elmer Towns' dynamic; descriptive style, this book gives the "why" of fasting, rather than just the "how." Towns avoids a glut of techniques and schedules, and instead provides a probing look at Isaiah 58, often called the fasting passage. Learn how fasting can strengthen your faith and draw you closer to God, helping you to be a true overcomer in Christ.

Lectures to My Students

One contemporary scholar and authority on Spurgeon says of this work: 'Next to Mr. Spurgeon's great literary work, The Treasury of David, we consider... (these) Lectures to My Students his greatest single contribution to the Christian world. There is more practical wisdom, common sense and sage advice packed within these pages than with any other book of similar size, or content.' This complete and unabridged edition of Spurgeon's great work will make it possible for today's generation to appreciate Spurgeon's combination of discerning wit and refreshingly practical advice. Included in the twenty-eight chapters of this classic volume are lectures such as: - The Call to Ministry - The Preacher's Private Prayer - On the Choice of a Text - On the Voice - The Holy Spirit in Connection with Our Ministry - The Blind Eye and the Deaf Ear - On Conversion as Our Aim - Illustrations in Preaching As were all of Spurgeon's messages to his people, each of these lectures is Scripture-saturated and Christ-honoring. They move swiftly and are fascinating in their content and sage counsel.

Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry: A personal and practical guide to starting right

The sequel to the first bestseller, Purpose-Driven(R) Youth Ministry, this book addresses twelve valuable steps that will help readers take the first... steps as they begin their ministry. An invaluable resource for anyone in youth ministry and ideal for first-timers, veterans, or college students in youth ministry.

YOUthwork: Let God Use Your Influence

Here's a gift for volunteers that will ignite their passion for students. Packed with powerful stories, practical skills, and tons of ideas you can use... right now, YOUthwork provides both the energy and substance for helping people invest in students. Discover hard-won insights and proven strategies for: discipling students, sponsoring groups, running life-changing trips, dealing with crisis and deviance, raising money, breaking through the "I'm not interested" barrier, and more. Not enough time to fully train your volunteers? Hand them a copy of YOUthwork and watch them catch the vision and invest their gifts in helping students follow Jesus Christ as Lord.

Student Ministry for the 21st Century: Transforming Your Youth Group Into A Vital Student Ministry

Why settle for a 'youth group' . . . . . . when you can build a dynamic student ministry that keeps more and more students coming -- and keeps them... growing! From the director of Student Impact, one of the country's largest and most effective student ministries, here is a clear, step-by-step approach that takes you for a quantum leap beyond merely Maintaining a Youth Group . . . to Building a Student Ministry Activity-driven . . . To purpose-driven Unclear vision . . . To clear vision Inward focus, content with the 'clique' . . . To outward focus, compassion for lost people Minimum growth . . . To consistent growth Songs and games . . . To worship and prayer Keeps the traditions . . . To evaluates for effectiveness 'Baby-sitting' . . . To impacting the world

Soul Shaper

If you're unprepared for a book that makes faith come alive in practice, that makes past come alive in the present--and offers these gifts only if... you're willing to spend significant time learning about the church's powerful, active spiritual heritage (and your place in it), then put this book down now. Still with us? Good! Because we really don't want you to miss this book. Soul Shaper is hands-down the most comprehensive primer on the study and use of spiritual and contemplative practices for the benefit of your teenagers--and especially your own soul. Inside, author Tony Jones gives wings to his critically acclaimed debut, Postmodern Youth Ministry, by lucidly explaining how you can put postmodern ideas to work by learning powerful disciplines such as-- Sacred Reading The Jesus Prayer The Ignatian Examen The Daily Office Stations of the Cross Sabbath Silence and Solitude Centering Prayer Spiritual Direction The Labyrinth Pilgrimage Service ...and eventually implement them into the life of your youth ministry! But Jones cautions us all: 'These are not gimmicks. This isn't an Ideas book or a discussion starter book or a great-games-for-over-50-kids-in-a-gym book. This is a strange book. Although it's about spiritual exercises and their application in the practice of youth ministry, please practice them before you implement them! You won't come close to learning everything you need to know after reading this book. In fact, you may be a few years from utilizing any of these practices in your youth ministry. But if you find one or two that you incorporate into your rule of life, I'm quite sure that you--and the students God has put into your care--will be eternally changed as a result.' Complete with unparalleled instruction, deep and rich resources, and a look into Jones' research, travels, and personal journals as he bathed in the serene light of contemplative Christian spirituality, Soul Shaper is your next best step on the postmodern path.

Writing for a Change: Boosting Literacy and Learning Through Social Action

Writing for a Change shows teachers how to engage students in "real world" problem-solving activities that can help them to acquire voice,... authority, and passion for both reading and writing practice. Written in collaboration with the Center for Social Action in England, the book describes the innovative Social Action process for encouraging students to collaborate on problems of their own choosing-to analyze options, develop action plans, discover solutions, and finally to reflect on their work. Featuring stories by teachers who have successfully used the method, the book shows that first graders as well as high-school students can enjoy this exciting and educational process. Practical guidance for applying the process to any curricular area is provided along with an extensive list of classroom activities.

Links to Learning: A Curriculum Planning Guide for After-School Programs

The first of its kind, this book will give after-school programs all of the tools they need for planning a well-balanced program, one that responds to... the increasing call for academics in after school while addressing the full range of children's developmental needs. Provides an overview of learning and child development; offers tips and tools for selecting, planning developing and evaluating after-school activities; and demonstrates how to link these activities to sample learning and quality standards. Introduces the reader to curriculum resources focusing on seven "key learning areas" believed to be central to comprehensive, high-quality after-school programs.

When God Shows Up: A History of Protestant Youth Ministry in America (Youth, Family, and Culture)

For more than two centuries, youth ministries have either strengthened teenagers after a special encounter with God or tried to retain them until such a... moment when God shows up. Here veteran youth ministry expert Mark Senter provides the first substantial history of the phenomenon of American Protestant youth ministry. More than a history, this book highlights the evolution of adolescence and adolescent spirituality, outlines three distinct cycles in the history of youth ministry, describes the major shapers of youth ministry over the last century, and helps readers understand trends and changes in youth ministry and their connections to broader church life.

Voices Carry: Behind Bars and Backstage during China's Revolution and Reform (Asian Voices)

Voices Carry is the moving autobiography of the late Ying Ruocheng, beloved Chinese stage and screen actor, theatre director, translator, and... high-ranking politician as vice minister of culture from 1986-1990. One of twentieth-century China's most prominent citizens, Ying was imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution and devised unique strategies for survival, including playing pranks on guards and keeping a clandestine notebook. Ying's memoir opens with his prison years, and then flashes back to his boyhood growing up in a prince's palace as a member of a progressive Manchu Catholic intellectual family. He also details his experiences as a university student during the heady days when the People's Republic was being founded, followed by his subsequent experiences on stage, in film, and in politics. A founding member of the Beijing People's Art Theatre, Ying Ruocheng helped open its doors to Sino-American exchange when he brought Arthur Miller to China to stage Death of a Salesman in 1983, playing the role of Willy Loman in his own translation of the play. Simultaneously a "spy" for his own government and a cultural ambassador for countless foreigners and fellow countrymen, Ying lived out his life as a bridge between China and the West, gaining a singular perspective on matters related to culture and politics.While suffering from cirrhosis of the liver during the final decade of his life, Ying Ruocheng reflected on his experiences, collaborating with coauthor Claire Conceison to tell his story. Together, they take the reader on an exhilarating journey from Manchu wrestling matches to missionary schools, from behind prison bars to behind the scenes at ground-breaking stage performances, and from public moments of international recognition to private moments of intimacy and despair.

Exercises for the Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory

Exercises for the Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory by Erin C. Amerman is a comprehensive manual appropriate for one or two-semester A&P courses.... This inexpensive, black-and-white manual provides a concise and flexible alternative to other large laboratory manuals. It can be used by itself as a required lab text, but is also designed to be used in conjunction with A Photographic Atlas for the Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory.Along with the comprehensive coverage of all of the major topics covered in an A&P laboratory, the Exercises contain several unique features, designed to assist both the students and the instructors, including:# Pre-Lab Exercises: Students who read the material prior to coming to lab tend to make better use of lab time and therefore do better on practical exams, but assigning reading prior to coming to lab is problematic for two reasons: (1) It is passive and as a result many students forget what they have read, and (2) often times preparatory readings are not completed. The Exercises incorporate Pre-Lab Exercises into each unit. The Pre-Lab Exercises are activity-based, they include questions pertaining to the material that will be covered, and they contain diagrams that the students can color-code and label. These features allow the Pre-Lab Exercises to act as both study guide and lab preparation.# Organized Anatomy: Many lab manuals do not offer specific lists of structures that the students are to identify. Instead, those lab manuals scatter the anatomical structures throughout the unit, making it difficult for both the student and instructor. The Exercises feature organized lists of structures that provide a centralized list for the students, in turn making it easy for instructors to customize based upon preference.# Model Inventories: Much of what is done in today's anatomy and physiology labs involves examination of three-dimensional anatomical models. Students tend to look at one model and proclaim themselves done. However, looking at one anatomical model doesn't provide the student with the whole picture, nor does it give them enough time to master the material. To solve this problem, "Model Inventories" are included in the Exercises. Students give the model a descriptive name and then list the structures that they are able to locate on the model. This process helps the student to focus more on the anatomy and to engage more parts of his or her brain as they examine, pronounce, and write down the names of the anatomical structures.# Focused Activities: In addition to the model inventories, this manual features activities for the students to perform in nearly every unit. These activities were written with cost concerns in mind and seldom require special equipment or materials.# Tracing Exercises: Several units feature tracing exercises where students trace the pathway of a certain substance (e.g., a molecule of glucose or an erythrocyte) throughout the body. The tracing exercises allow students to get a "big picture" view of both anatomy and physiology. When students complete these Exercises they come away with a greater understanding of the interrelationships amongst the systems in the body and the relationship between structure and function.

Birding by Ear: Eastern/Central (Peterson Field Guides)

BIRDING BY EAR uses an educational and entertaining method for learning bird songs. Instead of merely providing a catalog of bird song samples, BIRDING... BY EAR actually teaches. This proven method has greatly enhanced the field experience for birders across North America. The authors have created learning groups of similar vocalizations and clearly point out distinguishing characteristics. Using techniques such as phonetics, mnemonics, and descriptive words, Walton and Lawson provide a context for learning the songs and calls of eighty-five species of birds found east of the Rockies. Combine the auditory instruction here with the visual features of the Peterson Identification System. Page numbers in BIRDING BY EAR's booklet refer to species descriptions in the PETERSON FIELD GUIDE TO BIRDS OF EASTERN AND CENTRAL NORTH AMERICA, fifth edition.

Atlas of Human Anatomy, 4th Edition (Netter Basic Science)

Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy is the most loved and best selling anatomy atlas in the English language. In over 540 beautifully colored and easily... understood illustrations, it teaches the complete human body with unsurpassed clarity and accuracy. This new edition features 45 revised, 290 relabeled and 17 wholly new plates, drawn fully in the tradition of Frank Netter, and includes more imaging and clinical images than ever before. Six Consulting Editors have worked together to ensure the new edition's accuracy and usefulness in the lecture theatre, classroom and dissection lab. Ninety plates from the book as well as a powerful and varied bank of ancillary material, unique to this atlas, are available online through www.netteranatomy.com.Includes uniquely informative drawings that allow you - and have allowed generations of students - to learn structures with confidence.Associates normal anatomy with an application of that knowledge in a clinical setting.Offers a strong selection of imaging to show you what is happening three dimensionally in the human body, the way you see it in practice.Provides clinically applicable information right from the start, to mirror the way that most anatomy courses are now taught.At www.netteranatomy.com, you'll access...? Over 90 of the most important anatomy illustrations from the book.? Interactive Anatomy Dissection Modules.? Radiographs, CT scans, MRIs, and angiograms, with "labels on/off" buttons for self testing.? QuickTime movies of stacked, transverse, and sectional images from the Visible Human Project (VHP).? Review Center with "Identification Spot Tests" and USMLE-style multiple-choice questions.? Integration links to other STUDENT CONSULT titles.? and more!

A Photographic Atlas for the Zoology Laboratory

A Photographic Atlas for the Zoology Laboratory, Sixth Edition by Kent M. VanDeGraaff and John L. Crawley is a full-color photographic atlas that... provides clear photographs and drawings of tissues and organisms similar to specimens seen in a zoology laboratory. It is designed to accompany any zoology (or biology) text or laboratory manual.

Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach, Books a la Carte Plus MasteringA&P -- Access Card Package (5th Edition)

Our knowledge of medieval music - from the dramatic and melodic riches of the thirteenth century to such highlights of the fifteenth century as the... pieces in the Old Hall Manuscript - rests almost wholly on the existence of the manuscripts that have survived. Many illuminated manuscripts similarly contain detailed depictions of musicians with their instruments providing a valuable source of reference for performers today. A lively introduction to all aspects of medieval music for anyone who enjoys listening to works of the period.

Introduction to Embryonic Development

Ideal for those with little or no background in genetics and cellular or developmental biology, this exploration of embryology and the molecular aspects... of development explains each concept from first principles.

Practice Anatomy Lab

This interactive, visually-engaging study and lab assessment tool gives students access to a rich array of anatomy lab specimens including human... cadavers, anatomical models, histology slides, cat dissections, and fetal pig dissections. Each module includes hundreds of images and quiz questions as well as interactive tools for reviewing the specimens and taking practice quizzes and simulated lab practical exams. Practice Anatomy Lab is available on CD-ROM and MyA&P companion website. Features include: *Rich variety of quizzes which test students' recall of anatomical structures as well as their understanding of functional anatomy and clinical application *Built in audio pronunciation of hundreds of key anatomical terms *Gradable lab practical exams that can report to the instructor's online gradebook