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Reading and Writing in the Middle Years

This comprehensive book is a no-nonsense exploration of the latest and most successful approaches to teaching reading and writing to students in grades... four to eight. Students in these middle school years are already reading and writing but they need help in continuing to develop their literacy strategies and in constructing meaning with a variety of resources. The book begins with the basic information teachers need for understanding the reading and writing processes, and offers techniques for making literacy events meaningful to these growing students. It presents a thorough overview of the many learning strategies students will need to acquire in the middle years, with tips for implementing them in all subjects in every classroom. This remarkable book includes novel ways to make connections to print texts and the students' world. Teachers will also find practical suggestions for expanding and monitoring comprehension, and designing instructional frameworks for supporting these developing readers and writers. Teachers will learn how to model and demonstrate reading and writing strategies, conduct mini lessons, and confer with students. Because students at this level are reading more and more in the content areas, the book includes suggestions for making all forms of nonfiction more meaningful for them. These students are beginning to explore their own identities and the book offers opportunities for helping them to write down the stories from their own lives, make informed opinions, and correspond with others. Rubrics, assessment checklists and a targeted book list complement this accessible resource. As students are faced with more reading, writing and thinking challenges, they will need support from knowledgeable and informed teachers, and this book demonstrates how reading and writing strategies can form the basis for continued learning.

Teaching Problems and the Problems of Teaching

In this study, an experienced classroom teacher takes us into her fifth-grade maths class through the course of a year and shows how classroom dynamics... - the complex relationship of teacher, student and content - are critical in improving student performance. Magdalene Lampert offers an original model of teaching practice that casts new light on the ways teachers can successfully deal with teaching problems.

Teaching Towards Musical Understanding: A Handbook for the Elementary Grades

Appropriate for use in Elementary Music Methods course offered in most education programs in universities and university-colleges across Canada. ... Appropriate for use in Elementary Music Methods courses offered in most education and music programs in universities and university-colleges across Canada, Teaching Towards Musical Understanding: A Handbook for the Elementary Grades, provides pre-service teachers with a comprehensive look at teaching music to children in the elementary grades. Age appropriate music, classroom activities, and teaching strategies are provided for all aspects of elementary school music. Research is presented side by side with its pedagogical implications leading students to make significant connections between theory and practice. This text is ideal for pre-service education students who will be required to teach music as generalist/classroom teachers as well as teachers who are preparing to be music specialists. This is the only Canadian text available for either audience.

Learning and Teaching English (Professional/Academic)

This comprehensive guide to methodology and language learning covers the teaching of all four skills as well as assessment and lesson planning. An audio... CD containing case study listening activities is included.

Instruction and Assessment of ESL Learners: Promoting Success in Your Classroom

This one-of-a-kind resource offers solutions for teachers who provide exemplary instruction to students from varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds.... Using real classroom experiences and current research, the authors focus on the needs of ESL learners in the regular classroom. The activities and assessment tools can be used by classroom teachers and ESL teachers working alone or together. In this book, you will find: ways to incorporate English and the home languages of the ESL students into the same lesson suggestions for informal individual and group assessments for reading, writing, and oral language ideas for welcoming new ESL students examples of criteria that can be used for the assessment of ESL students open-ended lessons and units for all learners, with accompanying reproducible masters

Teaching Art: A Complete Guide for the Classroom

LEVEL: For grades preK 8Teaching Art: A Complete Guide for the Classroom is an accessible and clearly written guide for integrating visual art into... classroom practice. Revised and expanded from the author s previous bestselling resource, Art & Illustration, Teaching Art incorporates new developments in art education. Throughout the book, you will find suggestions for extending and adapting art exercises to meet the needs of both your students and the curriculum.This new edition includes: how to set up an art-friendly classroom how to teach drawing skills how to integrate art with core curricula how to use art and illustration as a companion to writing a chapter on art and assessment the basic art elements and principles colour mixing and colour theory strategies to encourage creativity and problem solving new chapters on sculpture, photography, video, multimedia, installation, and performance art featured artists and art teachers who share their best practices updated list of picture books, including several new children's books and illustrator ...and much more!Teaching Art is written for classroom teachers, art education specialists, childcare workers, artists working in schools, parents who home-school their children, and school administrators. It can also be used as a university textbook for Education students. The book provides a framework for teaching art in a way that is integrated with regular classroom practice and mindful of current art curriculum outcomes. Although the book focuses on art for primary and middle-school students from pre-school to grade eight, Teaching Art is also useful to art specialists at the high-school level who are looking for new strategies or project ideas to add to their established secondary programs.

Music Matters: A New Philosophy of Music Education

There is a mystery about music. On one hand, music making and music listening have occupied a prominent place in every culture since the dawn of... recorded history and people everywhere continue to engage in a variety of musical experiences as part of their daily lives. Yet questions about the nature and value of music and its importance as a subject of education remain perplexing to many thinkers and are still hotly debated, even today. As a result, while music has been part of the school curriculum since antiquity, its profound contribution to general education has never been harnessed--until now.What is music? Does music deserve a place in general education? If so, why? Music Matters builds new answers to these basic questions through a wide-ranging examination of music as a diverse human practice. The result is a ground-breaking philosophy of music education that provides critically reasoned perspectives on the nature and significance of performing, listening, musicianship, multiculturalism, creativity, consciousness, curriculum development, and more. Indeed, Music Matters is exceptional for the attention it pays to many aspects of music and education that previous music education doctrine either misses or ignores altogether. Following an incisive critique of past thinking, this important text develops a multidimensional concept of music that explains why music making and listening are unique forms of thinking and unique sources of the most important kinds of knowing that human beings can gain. In a richly detailed narrative that examines a wealth of recent philosophical and psychological research, the author constructs a compelling philosophical foundation that allows teachers to affirm to themselves and others that music deserves a central place in the education of all people. Among the many working ideas of this new philosophy is a distinctive concept of "curriculum-as-practicum" that explains how music educators can fulfill their educational mandate.Invaluable as a core text for courses on foundations of music education or philosophy of music education at both the undergraduate and graduate level, Music Matters provides educators with critically reasoned perspectives on the "why, what, and how" of music teaching and learning, arguing convincingly that music is one of the most vital, dynamic, and practical pursuits in the human repertoire and, therefore, fundamental to the full development of the individual and collective self.

Language and Learning in the Digital Age

In Language and Learning in the Digital Age, linguist James Paul Gee and educator Elisabeth Hayes deal with the forces unleashed by today's digital... media, forces that are transforming language and learning for good and ill. They argue that the role of oral language is almost always entirely misunderstood in debates about digital media. Like the earlier inventions of writing and print, digital media actually power up or enhance the powers of oral language. Gee and Hayes deal, as well, with current digital transformations of language and literacy in the context of a growing crisis in traditional schooling in developed countries. With the advent of new forms of digital media, children are increasingly drawn towards video games, social media, and alternative ways of learning. Gee and Hayes explore the way in which these alternative methods of learning can be a force for a paradigm change in schooling. This is an engaging, accessible read both for undergraduate and graduate students and for scholars in language, linguistics, education, media and communication studies.

From Drawing to Visual Culture: A History of Art Education in Canada

"From Drawing to Visual Culture" takes a sweeping view of the role of visual art in Canadian education, from its roots as industrial drawing in the... early nineteenth century to its important but often ambiguous position in contemporary schools. Art education and cultural history scholars consider practices in public schools, post-secondary schools, and non-school settings. The essays, many illustrated, range from focused surveys of particular eras or regions, to theoretically based analyses of movements or trends, to case studies that examine art education theory and practice in specific times and places. Contributors show that the nature and character of art education in Canada reflects the influence of ideas and practices in art and education and their interaction with various aspects of culture, language, religion, government, and geography.

An Essential History of Current Reading Practices

'The history presented here is largely the history of reading instruction over the past 50 years...the near history that one can still see in the... debates, the initiatives, the programs, and the lessons of today.' Richard L. Allington, University of Tennessee, and past-president, International Reading Association With this volume, educators will inform themselves about the key research and trends that have shaped and given direction to reading education over the last half-century. The contributors - leading experts in the field - review landmark studies, highlighting political and social pressures that have influenced research, policy, and classroom practice. Eleven chapters explore the historical underpinnings of the reading process, phonics, family literacy, guided reading, comprehension, fluency, content area reading, children s literature, remedial and clinical reading, vocabulary and spelling, and teacher education and professional development. Each chapter presents questions for future research as well as ''Essential Readings'' resource lists to provide a jump-off point for further study. The authors share their deep understanding of critical topics that have influenced reading education over the past 50 years. From them, you will gain perspective, ground your own work, and explore the rich, varied interpretations reading research and practice.The International Reading Association is the world's premier organization of literacy professionals. Our titles promote reading by providing professional development to continuously advance the quality of literacy instruction and research. Research-based, classroom-tested, and peer-reviewed, IRA titles are among the highest quality tools that help literacy professionals do their jobs better. Some of the many areas we publish in include: -Comprehension-Response To Intervention/Struggling Readers-Early Literacy -Adolescent Literacy-Assessment-Literacy Coaching-Research And Policy