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Introduction to Psychology: Gateways to Mind and Behavior, 13th Edition

Co-written by an author who garners more accolades and rave reviews from instructors and students with each succeeding edition, INTRODUCTION TO... PSYCHOLOGY: GATEWAYS TO MIND AND BEHAVIOR, THIRTEENTH EDITION attracts and holds the attention of even difficult-to-reach students. The Thirteenth Edition's hallmark continues to be its pioneering integration of the proven-effective SQ4R learning system (Survey, Question, Read, Reflect, Review, Recite), which promotes critical thinking as it guides students step-by-step to an understanding of psychology's broad concepts and diversity of topics. Throughout every chapter, these active learning tools, together with the book's example-laced writing style, discussions of positive psychology, cutting-edge coverage of the field's new research findings, and excellent media resources, ensure that users find the study of psychology fascinating, relevant, and above all, accessible.

Essentials of Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (PSY 200 (300) Quantitative Methods in Psychology)

This brief version of Gravetter and Wallnau's proven bestseller offers the straightforward instruction, accuracy, built-in learning aids, and wealth of... real-world examples that professors and students have come to appreciate. The authors take time to explain statistical procedures so that students can go beyond memorizing formulas and begin gaining a conceptual understanding of statistics. To ensure that even students with a weak background in mathematics can understand statistics, the authors skillfully integrate applications that reinforce concepts. The authors take care to show students how having an understanding of statistical procedures will help them comprehend published findings and will lead them to become savvy consumers of information. Known for its exceptional accuracy and examples, this text also has a complete supplements package to support instructors with class preparation and testing. About This Edition New Features Throughout the book, research examples have been updated, real-world examples have been added, and the end-of-chapter problems have been extensively revised. The book has been separated into five sections to emphasize the similarities among groups of statistical methods. Each section contains two to four chapters, and begins with an introduction and concludes with a review, including review exercises. Demonstration problems at the end of each chapter have been simplified to focus on the content of the chapter and minimize tedious computations. Additional Features The authors have maintained the conversational style that explains statistical concepts and procedures rather than simply presenting them. Real-world, in-text examples from across the social and behavioral sciences make the book very accessible for all students and demonstrate how behavioral statistics apply to everyday life. End-of-chapter Web Resources sections include references to Wadsworth's free Online Statistics Workshops, online tutorials, and, as appropriate, instructions for using SPSS to perform the statistical calculations that are introduced in the chapter. The text reflects the most current APA guidelines. A general introduction to SPSS is included in the Instructor's Manual and can be used as a student handout for classes that use SPSS as part of the statistics course. See this title's supplement: Study Guide for "Essentials of Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences" (7th Edition)

A New Psychology of Women: Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity

In this insightful, provocative text, Hilary Lips lively narrative focuses on diversity without losing sight that the world is an interdependent... community and what happens anywhere is likely to be relevant to many of us. Sensitive to the limitations of her own cultural perspective--that of a feminist social psychologist, a middle-class white woman who grew up in Canada and now teaches and writes in the United States--Lips draws from scholarly research outside the U.S. to present a global perspective on the psychology of women. She creatively exposes readers to the role of culture in shaping women s experiences, knowledge, and understanding and includes multicultural beliefs and findings. Much of the detailed coverage stems from broader topics that include female male differences, how girls are socialized throughout childhood and adolescence, how early messages are translated into later behavior, how women are treated in the workplace, how being female affects physical and mental health, and how issues affecting women change as they transition to middle and old age. Each chapter includes a profile of a woman who helped shape psychology to illustrate the diverse perspectives that have constructed our understanding. Also included are learning activities, suggestions for making social change, discussion questions, key terms, and suggestions for additional reading and Web resources.

Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function

With Saladin, students make connections through learning outcomes and assessments, integrated media, and a writing style that clearly depicts anatomy... and physiology processes. A consistent set of chapter learning tools helps students identify and retain key concepts while the stunning visual program provides a realistic view of body structures and processes. Saladin's text requires no prior knowledge of college chemistry or cell biology, and is designed for a two-semester A&P course. Users who purchase Connect Plus receive access to the full online ebook version of the textbook.

Workbook to accompany Anatomy & Physiology Revealed Version 3.0

The Workbook to Accompany Anatomy and Physiology Revealed, Version 3 by Robert Broyles is a workbook/study guide designed to help students get the most... they can out of the Anatomy and Physiology Revealed (APR), and out of their anatomy and physiology course. The Table of Contents closely follows APR 3.0, and is organized along the lines of a typical Anatomy and Physiology course. The individual exercises include art from APR and also have review questions, tables, coloring exercises, terminology quiz questions, and reminders on key content.

Cloud Atlas: A Novel

Now a major motion picture starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon, and Hugh Grant, and directed by Lana and Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer A... postmodern visionary who is also a master of styles of genres, David Mitchell combines flat-out adventure, a Nabokovian lore of puzzles, a keen eye for character, and a taste for mind-bending philosophical and scientific speculation in the tradition of Umberto Eco and Philip K. Dick. The result is brilliantly original fiction that reveals how disparate people connect, how their fates intertwine, and how their souls drift across time like clouds across the sky. "[David] Mitchell is, clearly, a genius. He writes as though at the helm of some perpetual dream machine, can evidently do anything, and his ambition is written in magma across this novel's every page."-The New York Times Book Review"One of those how-the-holy-hell-did-he-do-it? modern classics that no doubt is-and should be-read by any student of contemporary literature."-Dave Eggers "Wildly entertaining . . . a head rush, both action-packed and chillingly ruminative."-People "The novel as series of nested dolls or Chinese boxes, a puzzle-book, and yet-not just dazzling, amusing, or clever but heartbreaking and passionate, too. I've never read anything quite like it, and I'm grateful to have lived, for a while, in all its many worlds."-Michael Chabon

Criminal Justice: A Brief Introduction (9th Edition)

The first and BEST-SELLING brief introduction to criminal justice text, Criminal Justice: A Brief Introduction 9e offers instructors and students a... trusted, authoritative and impeccably researched introduction to police, courts, and corrections. Designed with a new visual approach, this edition integrates graphic art with the important concepts and ideas of criminal justice. Its unifying theme, its unmatched timeliness and its coverage of trends and technology makes this text THE standard by which all other brief texts are judged. An interactive website along with author tweets (@schmalleger) extends chapter material and provides up-to-the minute currentthe most recent information on this ever-evolving field. This is the standalone book, if you want the book/access code order the ISBN listed below. 0132768887 / 9780132768887 Criminal Justice: A Brief Introduction and Criminal Justice Interactive Student Access Code Card Package Package consists of: 0135068460 / 9780135068465 Criminal Justice Interactive Student Access Code Card 0137069839 / 9780137069835 Criminal Justice: A Brief Introduction

Mastering the World of Psychology (4th Edition)

Mastering the World of Psychology is a brief, paperback text focused on supplying the most support for student learning and student success. It... makes the connection between scientific principles and the everyday lives of today's diverse student population.

Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions, 8th Edition (SAB 240 Substance Abuse Issues in Client Service)

Up-to-date and comprehensive, this practical, bestselling text (now available with an online personalized study plan) provides students with the basis... for discovering their own guidelines for helping within the broad limits of professional codes of ethics and divergent theoretical positions. Respected authors Gerald Corey, Marianne Corey, and Patrick Callanan raise what they consider to be central issues, present a range of diverse views on these issues, discuss their position, and present many opportunities for students to refine their thinking and actively develop their own position. With new material throughout every chapter and an increased emphasis on critical thinking, the Eighth Edition is modern and useful for students as well as practicing professionals. Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions (Eighth Edition) explores such questions as: What role do the therapist's personal values play in the counseling relationship? What ethical responsibilities and rights do clients and therapists have? And what considerations are involved in adapting counseling practice to diverse client populations? About This Edition: New Features New commentaries following all of the cases presented in the various chapters provide guidance to students as they consider the issues involved. These commentaries also assist students in applying ethical standards from the various codes to a wide variety of practical cases. While students are not provided with the "correct answers" to the cases presented, they are given specific ideas about ways to resolve ethical dilemmas found in the many cases. Throughout the book, the authors present new research and literature on a wide range of ethical topics, including counter transference, informed consent, ethical and effective practice of clinical supervision, sexual attractions in therapy, dealing with impaired supervisees, giving and receiving gifts, training and supervision of group leaders, advantages and disadvantages of counseling via the Internet, recent ethics codes on technology applications, and more. The authors also include new material on empathy fatigue, the role of spirituality and religion in counseling, ethical issues in spirituality and addictions treatment, and end-of-life decisions. Additionally, new information has been added on the CACREP (2009) standards pertaining to personal counseling for students. Chapter 4, "Multicultural Perspectives and Diversity Issues," has been thoroughly revised and now includes new information on multicultural and diversity perspectives, a revised discussion of issues pertaining to sexual orientation and inclusion of competencies in working with LGBT individuals, and an updated discussion of training students in the area of multicultural competence. The book's discussion of confidentiality and privileged communication has been expanded. Chapter 6, "Confidentiality: Ethical and Legal Issues," includes a new discussion of an ethical practice model for protecting clients' confidentiality, a revised section on the implications of HIPAA for mental health providers, and updated material on the duty to warn and protect, especially in protecting children, older persons, and dependent adults from harm. In Chapter 8, "Professional Competence and Training," you'll find a new discussion of competence and how to assess it, as well as important new material on formative assessment, summary assessment, and an expanded section on continuing professional education. Explore additional features of Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions (Eighth Edition).

Social Psychology (7th Edition)

For an undergraduate introductory level course in social psychology. Research made relevant through a storytelling approach. This... renowned text maintains its acclaimed storytelling approach to convey the science of social psychology while making research relevant to students. The authors bring the material under study to life through real-world examples that capture students' attention and motivate further exploration. Paying particular attention to the classic research that has driven the field and introducing cutting-edge research that is the future of Social Psychology, Aronson/Wilson/Akert provide a firm foundation for students to build their understanding of this rigorous science in a way that engages and fascinates. This is the main text only-- if you want the valuepack order ISBN 0205773796 / 9780205773794 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY& MYPSYCHLAB WITH EBOOK Package consists of; 0138144788 / 9780138144784 Social Psychology 0205669093 / 9780205669097 MyPsychLab with E-Book Student Access Code Card